7 tips for a cozy Easter table with vintage items

7 tips for a cozy Easter table with vintage items

A delicious brunch with family and friends, the time of searching for eggs and cozy pastel colors. This Easter you can give free rein to your creativity and transform your table into a vintage spectacle.

So forget the standard Easter decorations and dive into the world of vintage tableware. A lot more unique and sustainable! Below are our ideas and tips to decorate your Easter table with a vintage touch.

  1. Mix & match: Combine different pieces of vintage tableware. For example, choose a mix of floral motifs, pastel colors and delicate edges to create a charming and unique table setting.
  2. Focus on details: Pay attention to small details such as gold rims or subtle engraved edges on your vintage glasses and plates. These details ensure that your Easter table becomes just that little bit more unique.
  3. Add Texture: Combine different textures for more dimension and an interesting look. For example, you can think of tablecloths with embroidery, lace napkins or ceramic bowls.
  4. Accentuate with vintage accessories: complete the table setting with vintage accessories. Think of vintage candlesticks, a small vase, colored glassware or crystal salt and pepper shakers. These subtle accents add that little bit extra and take your Easter table to a higher level.
  5. Play with colors: Experiment with color palettes that match the vintage feel. Choose soft pastel shades such as light pink, mint green and lavender, or go for muted earth tones such as cream, taupe and old pink. These colors create a nostalgic but at the same time a romantic atmosphere on your Easter table.
  6. Get creative with napkin folding: Give your table setting a playful twist by experimenting with different napkin folding techniques. For example, try a classic French fold, a beautiful fan or a detailed flower.
  7. Make it personal: by mixing and matching with vintage items you create your own unique style. How nice is it if you can add some pieces from family or maybe something you made yourself?


P.S. In our store you will always find a wide collection of colored glassware and beautiful vintage bowls - which can give your table that vintage touch.

 Enjoy Easter!


Image used from Pinterest and Vintage Pareltjes
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