Hi there!

Nice to meet you :) I'm Lindsay, the face behind Vintage Pareltjes. 

As long as I can remember I love thrift shopping and having myself surrounded with unique things. In 2019 I felt that it was time to share my vintage love with the world- and started Vintage Pareltjes. 

Unique & sustainable

It's so cool to see all the beautiful things that have been made over the past decades. The feeling of finding a beautiful treasure in a pile of "trash" never gets old. I love Italian design, so you will see a lot of marble, Murano glass and brass accents.

My style  is a mix of Hollywood Regency, Mid Century Modern, Bohemian, Scandinavian and a bit of Space Age here and there.

Choose vintage over new

My goal is to inspire people to choose vintage over new. Not only because you buy a unique piece for your home, but choosing vintage contributes to a more sustainable world.

There are so many treasures out there!