How to score the best vintage treasures at Braderie de Lille?

How to score the best vintage treasures at Braderie de Lille?

Do you love flea markets? And is a visit to the beautiful French city of Lille still on your list? Then the annual Braderie de Lille is something you should not miss.

This 80 kilometer long market will be back on the weekend of September 13 to 15, 2024 and we will give you the best tips for scoring vintage gems.


Largest flea market in Europe

It is the largest flea market in Europe, with a tradition dating back many years to the Middle Ages and still held every year.

The flea market has approximately 80 kilometers of stalls from residents and traders throughout the city. It reminded us a bit of King's Day. In addition to the flea market, the city also has a big party with DJs and musicians playing everywhere on the street. And a LOT of mussels are eaten.

Last summer I went to this mega flea market for the first time together with Wes from Studio Alloo. After 46 kilometers in our legs and 4 filled carts, we can say that we succeeded well last time! Below are the tips you can use for a successful fair.


This is how you score the best gems

  • Part of the flea market starts on Friday evening at Façade de L'esplanade. Do you want to be the very first and score the best treasures? then make sure you arrive on Friday
  • You can find the brocanteurs on the almost two kilometer long boulevard de La Liberte and along the water of the street facade de l'esplanade
  • Maps are distributed in the city indicating where the markets and what type of market it is. Very handy to have with you!
  • Saturday is the busiest day with sellers, Sunday there are many traders and fewer stands from the residents themselves
  • For second-hand items you have to be just outside the city center. In the center itself you will find stands of the established shops and no second-hand items.
  • Go early! Officially it starts at 8:00 am, but at 7:00 am it is still nice and quiet, and many stalls are already ready.
  • Park your car at one of the metro stations. The metro runs every 4 minutes and takes you into the center very quickly.
  • Negotiate! especially on the last day, sellers are more willing to drop in prices.
  • Bring enough cash
  • Bring a grocery/hand cart if you plan to buy more
  • Wear good walking shoes

 And don't forget to enjoy this beautiful historic city! :)

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