King's Day flea market tips: here you can find the best vintage items in Amsterdam.

King's Day flea market tips: here you can find the best vintage items in Amsterdam.

On Saturday April 27, 2024 it's that time again: King's Day! That means scoring gems and of course celebrating. On King's Day, Amsterdam turns into one big flea market, this is of course the opportunity to score beautiful vintage items. Here you will find tips for our favorite free markets and other activities in Amsterdam.

 Where can you find the best vintage interior gems in Amsterdam?

The Apollolaan in Amsterdam South is the place to score beautiful interior treasures! On this King's Day free market, you will find the more exclusive items of good quality, partly thanks to the luxurious neighborhood in which it is located. An excellent opportunity to make unique design discoveries. Go extra early to beat the crowds and have a chance to get the best items.

Don't forget to look at the surrounding streets such as Beethovenstraat, where it is often a bit quieter but no less fun! You can also combine this market with the Vondelpark, which is a 20-minute walk away.

The Westerpark is also a popular location for flea market enthusiasts. People come together here to sell and exchange their second-hand items. The atmosphere is lively and cozy, with stalls offering a wide range of items, from clothes and books to antiques and trinkets. In addition to the market stalls, there are often performances, food trucks and other activities that contribute to the festive atmosphere.

If you want to celebrate, you should of course be in the Jordaan/Centre. During King's Day, the Jordaan is known for its large street parties with music resounding from the houses on every corner. But you can also find nice stalls here in the morning. You will mainly find these on the quieter canals and around the ‘negen straatjes’. It is advisable to get here early as this is the most visited district during King's Day. Later in the day it is one big party and the stalls clean up their stuff again. 


  • Go to the flea market early in the morning if you want to score beautiful vintage gems. Or in the afternoon: that's when most sellers drop their prices. The flea markets open at 9:00 am and most of them clear away their stuff around 4:00 pm.
  • Take cash with you, especially loose coins. Besides the fact that nowadays you can often pay via Tikkie, cash often works easier and faster. Even without a tap you are assured of your purchase!


Other fun things to do on King's Day per district:

Amsterdam North

If you are looking for a creative King's Day, you can take a look at the NDSM. The largest children's market in the city is located at the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam-Noord. It's a vibrant place full of creative stalls, artworks and live performances. This event is free of charge and perfect for those looking for a classic King's Day full of fun and conviviality.


One of the most popular children's free markets during King's Day is located in the Vondelpark. This market is specifically intended for children, so adults are not allowed to sell there. You will often find games and other activities for children. However, everyone is welcome to wander around and enjoy the atmosphere. There is plenty to do, from games to delicious food. There is a nice atmosphere and the perfect place to score nice things.

Amsterdam East

In Watergraafsmeer there is the Bredeweg festival around and on King's Day. There is plenty to do for young and old. There is a flea market, but there are also musicians and theater groups that provide performances. There are even street operas and a children's opera. There is an abundance of activities for children, such as floating on the swing, circus performances, fairground rides, children's shows, face painting and much more. Of course, there is no shortage of tasty food and drinks. The Bredewegfestival is an initiative of the neighborhood, for the neighborhood, which creates a real sense of community.

Do you want to start selling yourself? Here are a few more practical tips that might help you:

  • If you are going to sell on King's Day, it is wise to use a waterproof rug. For example, many people choose an orange sail. This is immediately noticeable!
  • April does what he wants, so bring a tarp to put over your stall if it starts to rain.
  • If you want to sell clothes, it is advisable to hang them on a clothes rack. If you don't have a rack, you can also stretch a rope between two trees and hang your garments from it using hangers. This immediately makes your stall look more organized.
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